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Why I Write Clean Fiction

I’ve been asked a few times about my commitment to writing clean fiction. As a dad, an educator, and a Christian, my values and standards are set high for what I allow my own children to ingest. Why? Because media influences us. What we see, hear, and read shapes our view of the world. It… Continue reading Why I Write Clean Fiction

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What Is the Greek Word for “Elf”?

Originally posted on Into the Wonder:
I’ve recently found myself in a writing critique group that has made me think about medieval/D&D-type fantasy kindreds in the context of the classical world. Specifically, what would you call such beings if you were discussing them not in English (or any other northern European language) but in Greek?…

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Guest Post: Steven A. Guglich: Culture Shock… A World Building Story Element

Originally posted on Cari Jehlik:
Here is yet another online writing group friend of mine who ALSO lives in North Dakota! He’s the closest I’ve come to a writing neighbor, even though we basically live on opposite ends of the state. Someday, I hope to meet in person, but for now, the internet will have…

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Journey of a World Builder – Part 10

The Koth Not Your Ordinary Reptile Men Some of the strangest and most mysterious myths around the world pertain to humanoid reptile people or lizard men as they are sometimes called. There are myths and legends that date back several millennia, such as the mysterious statues of the Ubaid Reptile People. These strange statues are… Continue reading Journey of a World Builder – Part 10

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Journey of a World Builder – Part 9

The Alfargnym… There’s No Race like Gnome! Heard any good gnome puns lately? Game of Gnomes… Gnome Man’s Land… How do you classify gnomes? With a bi-gnomeal gnominclature! But seriously, gnome pun intended! Alright, enough with the gnome puns. Now, in all seriousness, gnomes have become an odd part of our culture and are known… Continue reading Journey of a World Builder – Part 9

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Journey of a World Builder – Part 8

The Elves – Part 2 The illustrations of Erwin J. Arroza  have once again brought a race from The Veil Saga to life. This month we revisit the elves of The Veil Saga. In Journey of a World Builder Part 4 we looked at how the mainstream ideas and views on elves in our culture,… Continue reading Journey of a World Builder – Part 8