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What Is the Greek Word for “Elf”?

Originally posted on Into the Wonder:
I’ve recently found myself in a writing critique group that has made me think about medieval/D&D-type fantasy kindreds in the context of the classical world. Specifically, what would you call such beings if you were discussing them not in English (or any other northern European language) but in Greek?…

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Journey of a World Builder – Part 9

The Alfargnym… There’s No Race like Gnome! Heard any good gnome puns lately? Game of Gnomes… Gnome Man’s Land… How do you classify gnomes? With a bi-gnomeal gnominclature! But seriously, gnome pun intended! Alright, enough with the gnome puns. Now, in all seriousness, gnomes have become an odd part of our culture and are known… Continue reading Journey of a World Builder – Part 9