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Guest Post: Steven A. Guglich: Culture Shock… A World Building Story Element

During my journey as a world builder I have to think about how the various cultures of The Veil Saga will interact with one another. Why don’t the dweorg like the koth? What do alfargnym find amusing about the faun? How does the main character of The Veil Saga react when he is taken from his hum drum life in New York City to the Elven Capitol of Shayalla?
I recently had the honor of guest writing for a fellow writer’s website. In this article, I talk about how culture shock can make for a great story element! A special thanks to Cari Jehlik for inviting me to be a part of her writing journey.

Cari Jehlik

Here is yet another online writing group friend of mine who ALSO lives in North Dakota! He’s the closest I’ve come to a writing neighbor, even though we basically live on opposite ends of the state. Someday, I hope to meet in person, but for now, the internet will have to do. 

First and foremost, what you need to know about Steve is that he has an amazing worldbuilding series on his own website, where he introduces pieces of his own world. If you’re looking to dive into worldbuilding and want to see great ideas of someone else, definitely go there! 

The thing that I like most about Steve is that he is ALWAYS so encouraging and positive. 

I hope that you enjoy this nugget from him about worldbuilding. Don’t let the length deceive you, this is PACKED with useful information that would easily keep a worldbuilder busy for months. 

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