The Veil Saga



The world of The Veil Saga is our very own, existing in this day and time. Humans live in bustling cities across the globe like New York, Chicago, London and Brussels, waging war on almost every continent. Humans travel the globe in planes, trains, and automobiles, believing they have settled almost every piece of land on Earth… but they are wrong.

There are areas of the world where magic still exists, where creatures we believe were only myth and legend still thrive. These enchanted beings have hidden themselves away in areas protected by the Veil; a curtain of magic that keeps Humans away from their cities.
In The Last Enchantment, the first book of The Veil Saga, Jeremy Goodson is visited by Mercurio, a mysterious being who crosses through the Veil to inspire him to set out on an ambitious mission which may very well upset the ancient balance between the Humans and the Enchanted.

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