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Journey of a World Builder – Part 8

The Elves of the Veil Saga

The Elves – Part 2

The illustrations of Erwin J. Arroza  have once again brought a race from The Veil Saga to life. This month we revisit the elves of The Veil Saga. In Journey of a World Builder Part 4 we looked at how the mainstream ideas and views on elves in our culture, mythology, and legends are used to create the elves featured in The Veil Saga. This month will look at some specific aspects on those elves, and will use Erwin’s amazing illustrations to highlight those aspects. Light and Dark

The elves began as one race many millennia before humans first set foot on earth. Disagreements lead to wars, and wars lead to separation. The elves branched off into two subcultures, those of the Light Elves and those of the Dark Elves. The Dark Elves were not evil at first, just a group of elves who thought differently… who thought that the earth should be ruled by the elves.

Many centuries later, after the Dark Elves had firmly established their own cultures, the elves would unite again to war with a common enemy; the goblins. It was at this point the United Elven Nation was formed. However, the goblin attacks proved to be merciless. Goblins were invading the Elven Commonwealths in secret and striking at the young and defenseless elves. To save their kind, the elves sent many of their young and weaker brethren to live in the Northern part of Canada; a place where goblins would not dare to go for fear of the cold. The war with goblins lasted several centuries, long enough for the elves living in the North to establish their own culture.The United Elven Nation

The Light ElvesLight Elves: The Light Elves are the most prevalent elves, having commonwealths in Germany, Chile, The United States, China, and Vietnam. Along with the alfargnym they govern the Veil and regulate the use of magic. Their commonwealth in Germany, Shayalla, is the Elven Capitol. It is hidden deep with the Spessart Forest. Shayalla is the largest of the enchanted settlements and is home to not only elves, but alfargnym, koth, and faun.

The Dark ElvesDark Elves: The Dark Elves remain an enigma to all but themselves.  They have chosen to remain in their underground settlements that they had formed when they hid from their Light brethren. They have also chosen to keep their culture a secret. When they appear in public amid non-Dark Elves, they shroud themselves in mystery.  They wear dark cloaks that cover most of their face.  All that can be seen below the cloak is a hint of a black mask. The masks vary from person to person. Some masks are featureless, giving the appearance of a faceless void. Other masks are ornately designed with colorless patterns or carved into a fearsome face. These masks serve two purposes; 1) to preserve the anonymity of their people and 2) to protect their sensitive eyes from the light of the surface world. As part of their surface dress, they will also wear black gloves and boots to hide their skin. When they are in the company of their own people, the dark elves do not hide their features.  Below their surface-wear hides a beauty that rivals even the light elves. Dark Elves have commonwealths in Scotland, Nigeria, and Australia.

Northern ElvesNorthern Elves: The Northern Elves have one commonwealth located in Northern Canada. They have no guardians of their own. A small detail of guardians from Shayalla are stationed there just in case, but the bitter cold keeps all but the Northern Elves away. Northern Elves do not have any particular resistance to cold. They have used magic to create a settlement where the temperature is regulated all year round.

Of course there is much more to the rich history of the elves of The Veil Saga, but all that will not be revealed until the series debuts. However, if you have any questions about the elves or The Veil Saga, just asked in the space below. If I can answer it without giving away any spoilers, I certainly will. And if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear that as well.



4 thoughts on “Journey of a World Builder – Part 8

    1. Dark elves were once evil… in the sense that they thought the elves should rule over everything. That was wear the split happened. The elves, who became dark elves, waged war to assert their authority over the earth. Over many centuries that proved futile for them and they had no choice but to unite with the Light Elves. Dark Elves are far more stoic and mysterious then Light Elves and they are more inclined to settle things through violence, but they are not evil.


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